Return Policy

Our company, always keeping in mind the excellent service of its customers, allows the replacement of one product with another, as long as the returned product is delivered in its original condition (including any packaging / packaging) and is accompanied, necessarily, by the The request for the replacement of a product must be made within 7 (seven) calendar days from its receipt, in one of the following ways:

Via e-mail at:

Your request will be forwarded to the competent department, which will contact you within 2 (two) working days, in order to inform you about the steps you need to follow.

Return for custom orders or for products that are available upon order is not made in any case.

The shipping costs, both of the returned product – in our company – and of the product to be replaced, are borne exclusively by the customer.

In case the customer chooses to receive his product, with a courier company other than the one in which our company cooperates, the responsibility for its safe and complete delivery lies solely with the customer.

Returns are not made by mail.

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