Special Services

At Wday we believe that every bride should be able to enjoy some special services if she wishes.

Date of the day

This is a 2-hour rehearsal appointment unlike any other. With 2 or 3 people, the bride can enjoy a privé wedding dress rehearsal appointment, relax drinking wine and sample finger food, capture the moment with a selfie and share with friends on social media.

She can also team up with her wedding photographer to shoot the wedding dress rehearsal to be included in the wedding video, with her loved ones or friends.

Life is memories of sweet moments and we are here to make them unforgettable!

After all, on this wedding day…. It’s your day!

Cost €55

Personal stylist

Do you want the services of a stylist who will give you tips to open up your look and suggest accessory styles, hair and makeup?

We can arrange for him to be present during the rehearsal.

Cost €120

Professional placement services

On your wedding day, do you want the assurance of a professional who will help you get dressed and make sure everything goes just right?

One of our experienced associates will be there to take care of you like a princess!

Cost €150

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