Wday = Woman’s day

Every woman is special and wants to feel her best in all the important days of her life.

The Wday store of wedding dresses, evening dresses and bridal accessories in Thessaloniki aims to help you bring out your most beautiful and happy self, having fun with the wedding dress rehearsal and the preparation of that special day. First priority for us to make you feel that it is your day, from the day of the appointment with us.

W such as Woman
W such as Wedding
W such as Wonderful
W such as Wow!

For the Young Woman Who Graduates.

For the young woman (now) who wants to make an appearance on graduation day that will indicate her special personality, her femininity and will mark the beginning of a new adult life, we have a series of wonderful dresses by American designers. (See the collection)

* Guarantee of uniqueness

For the Bride

For your wedding day that you want to be more beautiful and fresh than ever, we are here to have fun preparing for this big day and to live every moment of it without the stress of the unknown.
We are here to inform you about what concerns you in the search for the perfect wedding dress. Navigate our website from the convenience of your home and learn everything about that day. Download the ebook with the Trends of 2017 and be informed from our Blog for all the wedding topics: wedding dress, reception, photographer, DJ, hair, makeup….
Finally, leave yourself in our experienced hands and enjoy the experience of a date in Wday!

For the New Mom who baptizes

For you who are christening your child and want a look of high aesthetic level, but also practice, we are here.(See the collection)

For the Mom of the bride and groom

The big day has come when you are marrying your child and you want to welcome the guests radiating the great happiness you feel. Whatever your style and special wishes, at Wday you will definitely find what you are looking for in one of the 4 collections specially designed for you by American designers. (See the collection)

* Guarantee of uniqueness

For Maid of honor

Do you have the joy of marrying your best friend or your spouse’s childhood friend? So you are the guest of honor and you must stand out and shine!
The Wday team is here for you! (See the collection)

* Guarantee of uniqueness

For the Guest

Whether it is the day of an important reception or a party or a special social event, you want to pay special attention to your appearance
The Wday team is here for you! (See the collection)

* Guarantee of uniqueness

On our website you will find useful tips, which our team chose very carefully, to make your every appearance more impressive, for every event!

* Guarantee of uniqueness: As we are the importers of the dresses of our collections and we keep a record of shopping and events, we can guarantee that you will never be faced with the unpleasant experience of appearing in the same dress as another guest.

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