Trunk Show

What is a Trunk Show?

At Wday you will find the largest selection of wedding dresses by designers Martin Thornbourg, Sophia Tolli, Enchanting and the Rosa Clara collection. ,

But the entire collection of all the designers we represent comes to the Wday store only a few times a year.

Trunk Shows are the stops made by a complete collection that travels through the stores.

The collection is accompanied by someone in charge of styling. The idea is reminiscent of the way European aristocrats shopped, when couturiers would carry their entire collection for the nobles to choose from and guide them in their selection themselves! So you can look at Trunk Shows as your own special princely service and the perks it offers.


– Check out all the designers on our website to see who suits you best and then look for their Trunk Show date.

– Since the entire bridal collections are only on display for 2-3 days, it’s a good idea to book your appointment early to reserve a spot.

– Take with you one or two people you trust, to help you in your choice. Experience has shown that more people tend to confuse you than serve your decision.

– Be prepared to purchase the wedding dress on the spot, in case you find THE wedding dress, because you will be able to contact the special offers that always happen during the Trunk Shows.

– Don’t forget to bring your best mood with you and let us know if you want to be photographed by our photographer who may be there.

We are waiting for you to guide you through the magic of preparing your wedding! Don’t forget it’s your day and we’re there to make it unique.​

Ask us for anything!

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